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Meet The Makers: Hiawatha Honey

The sweet nectar behind Humble Bumble v2.

We believe down to our core that ingredients matter and are what set products apart. We also believe in sourcing those ingredients from individuals that share our goals for quality products and sustainable growth; just like Mike of Hiawatha Honey.

If you have enjoyed our Humble Bumble all natural buzzed seltzer then you can thank Mike as he provided the honey that was used to sweeten Humble Bumble v2 made with passion fruit, pink dragon fruit, mango, hibiscus blossoms and Mike's very own basswood honey!! Mike started learning about beekeeping 25 years ago at a commercial honey operation and after 5 years decided to start his own! He now has 60 hives throughout three different counties in Minnesota. He specializes in local honey, hive products, and fresh produce, all of which he sells as local farmers markets.

It’s truly an honor to be able to use Mike’s delicious honey as a natural sweetener in our products and we thank him for his friendship!


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