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Meet The Makers: Gardner Bees

From bookkeeping to beekeeping, Jonathan can do it all!

We have been buzzing with excitement as we work on new (and returning) varieties of Humble Bumble buzzed seltzer and that means sourcing some sweet honey from our friend Jonathan Gardner, beekeeper and owner of Gardner Bees in Southern Minnesota.

Jonathan is originally from the United Kingdom where he was an accountant by trade, however, ten years ago he moved to the United States where he fell in love with beekeeping–even after getting stung 14 times in the same ankle! In his decade of beekeeping, he’s found that his passion for beekeeping is equally matched by his love for making connections with people that use his honey. “I love getting to taste the end product in the beers, the meads, the kombuchas as well as seeing the lotions, soaps, beeswax candles and so many more things that bee products go into.” For the longest time, he didn’t even have an online store as he wanted to be able to connect to people on a personal level and not just an online order form.

We clearly love Jonathan's honey which is why we are using it in four of our upcoming Humble Bumble varieties, but even more so, we appreciate his dedication to protecting, nurturing, and supporting the bees. He believes firmly in staying true to these beliefs as he continues to do what he loves–beekeeping.

Cheers to Jonathan and his busy bees!

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