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Meet The Makers: North Star Art Studio

Nin, the creative genius behind those fabulous Humble Forager labels.

Austin knew from the inception of Humble Forager that they wanted to create a brand that fully represented who they were as individuals and as a business.

When it came to creating a business plan for this new venture, Austin got straight to work with beer creation. When it came to bringing the brand vision to life, Austin knew they needed someone special. That someone was Nin.

Familiar with her work, Austin was extremely hopeful that she would be up for the challenge, and that she would be able to bring their brand to life. Needless to say, Nin has been an integral part of the Humble Forager team for past several months and will continue to be for many more to come!

About Nin

Nin was raised on Sweden's East Coast and moved to the U.S in 2010 after meeting her husband who is native to the Rochester area. #luckyus

"My love for art was born as a result of both the very culturally inclined city I grew up in - Stockholm - and my parents social life. They hosted many long dinner parties and I was expected to take part in them (not always easy for a child). My attention span was truly tested, so I started making charcoal doodles on my napkin with the burned matches used to light the candles. Ever since, I’ve always been doing something creative!"

Nin has taught many painting classes and has even illustrated a children's book--with two currently in the works! She has many talents and is able to work with multiple mediums, but admits that watercolor truly is her passion.

Photos courtesy of Red Umbrella Photography

For more information and to view further examples of her outstanding work, visit her on Instagram, Facebook or via her website.


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