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Meet The Makers: The Salazar Family

The Salazar’s are the proud owners of Costa Esmeraldas, a family owned and operated 100 hectare cacao farm located in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Each member of the family; Fredy, Monica, and siblings Freddy and Indira, actively participates in the business.

The family’s cacao orchards were established 6 years ago on former cattle pasture with very steep terrain. The climate in Esmeraldas is unusual with very little variation in average temperature and even during the dry seasons the weather is almost always overcast with drizzling rain. With that being said, since the establishment of the cocoa, timber, and other fruit trees, the farm is experiencing far less erosion.

This family owned business doesn’t just generate an outstanding product, they also generate over 40 full time jobs within their rural community for the management of the cacao farm.

We are honored to be able to use the Salazar family’s quality ingredients in our beer and look forward to sharing more about the other wonderful farmers and producers that we are fortunate to be able to partner with.


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