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"Trust someone that loves what they do."

The motto of our friends at Alldrin Brothers Almond Company

That is exactly what Austin has set out to do when it comes to sourcing quality ingredients and it’s exactly what he’s found with the Alldrin Brothers Almond Company.

They are a four generation family owned almond company located in Oakdale, CA that takes great pride in their family, the land, and their almonds. They are meticulous when it comes to sorting their almonds and ensure that only the best of the best are passed along to consumers.

“Once we’ve sorted out the cream of the crop, we take extra care in making sure our almonds are treated right. Storing them in a precisely regulated climate keeps them as close to fresh as the day they were harvested. We keep the almonds whole as long as possible and process in small batches.”

It’s an honor to be able to use their almonds in our brews and we look forward to many more as we plan out the rest of the brew calendar.

Cheers to this wonderful family and their spectacular almonds!


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