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Humble Forager Featured as Beer of the Month at HyVee Liquor Store

As spring blooms across Rochester, Minnesota, there's an extra buzz in the air at HyVee Liquor Store, and for good reason. This April, our very own Humble Forager brewery has been honored as the Beer of the Month! It's a moment of pride and gratitude for us as we witness the unwavering support of our hometown community.

Humble Forager Beer of The Month at HyVee

For those who may not know, HyVee Liquor Store holds a special place in our hearts as it stands as a neighbor to our sister brewery, Forager Brewery, where the Humble Forager journey began. Being featured at HyVee feels like a full-circle moment, highlighting the interconnectedness and camaraderie that define our local brewing scene.

The support from our community has been nothing short of overwhelming. From the moment we embarked on this venture, we've been met with encouragement, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to embrace our brews. To see our beers showcased as the Beer of the Month right here in our own backyard is more than we could have ever asked for.

As we reflect on this honor, we're reminded of the passion and dedication that goes into every batch of beer we craft. Each sip tells a story of collaboration, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the natural world around us. From sourcing the finest ingredients to carefully refining our brewing techniques, every aspect of our process is infused with a commitment to quality and innovation.

Humble Forager Beer of The Month at HyVee

To celebrate this special recognition, we invite all beer enthusiasts in the area to swing by HyVee Liquor Store (Barlow Plaza) and take advantage of some sweet deals before April comes to a close. It's the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favorite Humble Forager brews or perhaps discover a new favorite among our diverse selection.

Cheers to HyVee Liquor Store for spotlighting our brews and to our beloved hometown of Rochester!


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