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Meet The Makers: The Hudson Family

We would like to introduce you to the wonderful Hudson family who owns and operates the Hudson Pecan Company which is responsible for exquisite pecans that we recently used in Warming Hut Memoirs; Pecan Pie Pastry Stout.

Dr. Randy and MJ Hudson currently own and operate the family business which is located in the heart of Pecan Country; Ocilla, Georgia. The family is no stranger to the pecan growing business as Dr. Randy’s family had been doing it for more than 150 years. The family currently maintains over 1500 acres of pecan producing trees and annually processes more than five million pounds of pecans!

What sets the Hudson Pecan Company apart from others is their dedication to their craft and the extensive amount of knowledge that they have in the matter. Not only did they grow up in the business, but Dr. Randy holds several agricultural degrees including a PhD in Entomology; the scientific study of insects! He was even an Extensions Specialistes at the University of Georgia for 25 years where he was responsible for statewide programs for grains, forages, and new crops. And on top of that he is the Vice President of the National Pecan Growers Association!

When we set out to find the very best pecans for this brew, it was no surprise that we decided to go with Hudson Pecan Company as their passion, drive, and knowledge was second to none. Thank you to the Hudson family for being such wonderful partners and providing the best pecans around!


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