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Meet The Makers: Ashley Holst

The well-traveled Graphic Designer creating seamless branding one label at a time.

Meet Ashley. Our extremely creative, kind, and up-for-any-adventure Graphic Designer. Ashley has been with the Humble Forager team long before any of us knew just exactly what Humble Forager was going to be and we couldn't be more happy to have her throughout the journey.

Ashley grew up in Minnesota and attended the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire where she received a Masters in Education. She then went on to work on various continents across the globe and now resides and works in Barcelona as the K-12 Instructional Technology Coordinator at The American School of Barcelona. When Ashley isn't at school for her 'day job' she is working with our Humble team to transform all of those stunning Elin Johnson water-colors into beautiful labels for our Humble brews. You may think that Ashley couldn't possibly have time to do anything else, but she is a master of time management, efficiency, and getting the most out of life. She understands the importance of seizing each moment and that means that when she has a free day or weekend that she is out exploring and seeking new opportunities; from paragliding off mountain tops to driving across Nepal by moto, she never turns down a thrill seeking adventure.

So the next time that you see one of our labels, you can both thank Ashley for putting it all together and also wonder if it was inspired by one of her recent thrills.

We thank Ashley for being an integral part of our team and bringing all of our creations to life, but more importantly, for being such a kind soul. "Travel humbly. Visit new places with an open mind and with the curiosity of your younger self. Experience cultures, foods, and ways of living outside of what you know. Through travel our mind opens, through opening our minds, I hope we kind find more kindness towards each other and different ways of life." - Ashley Holst


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