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Humble Bumble Mixed Pack

Original favorites and brand new flavors coming together in this much anticipated release!

We are beyond excited to announce that late spring / early summer we'll be releasing our very first mixed pack with flavors of layered citrus, mango infused pina colada, pomegranate berry bliss and a trip to a tropical juice bar.

Humble Bumble v1: Citrus

Our most popular variety of our buzzed seltzer with calamansi, blood orange, tangerine, orange blossom honey, staghorn sumac blossoms.

Humble Bumble v3: Mango Pina Colada

Fruited buzzed seltzer with coconut, pineapple, mango, lime, lily flowers, and goldenrod honey.

Humble Bumble v9: Pomberry

A brand new version of our fruited buzzed seltzer with pomegranate, blueberry, black currant, rose petals, and sweetened with alfalfa honey,

Humble Bumble v10: Tropical Juice Bar Collaboration with BlackStack Brewing

We brewed up this fruited buzzed seltzer with our pals from BlackStack Brewing out of St. Paul, Minnesota. It will transport you to a tropical vacation as it's bursting with passionfruit, soursop, banana, silver needle tea, and sweetened with basswood honey.

We look forward to getting these all-natural delights to you just in time for summer fun!


All our buzzed seltzers are made with 100% real fruit juices, purees, dried flowers, and raw honey from small apiaries. These seltzers are designed to inspire thoughtfulness.

A percentage of the proceeds goes towards supporting environmental education and restoration projects. Cheers!


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