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Enchanted Island v1 Returns, Just in Time for Spring Break Beach Vacations!

Get ready to dive into paradise because Enchanted Island (v1) Painkiller Cocktale is making a comeback, and it's bringing the taste of a tropical getaway right to your fingertips! Whether you're lounging on a sandy shore or dreaming of warmer days ahead, this beloved concoction is sure to transport you to your own personal oasis.

Packed with the perfect blend of pineapple, orange, creamy coconut, and a hint of nutmeg, this Painkiller inspired cocktale is a creamy delight that's designed to tantalize your taste buds. But we didn't stop there – we've added a gentle carbonation for that extra touch of refreshment, making each sip feel like a cool breeze on a sunny day.

PRO TIP: Add a shot of coconut rum for an extra kick.

Excited to get your hands on this tropical treasure? You're in luck! Enchanted Island v1 will be hitting the shelves in select states during the second half of February, thanks to our amazing distribution partners. Keep an eye out for it in:

  • California - @limeventures

  • Florida - @progressivebeer

  • Georgia - @modern_hops

  • Illinois - @ajmakadistro

  • Indiana - @craftroadsbeverage

  • Minnesota - @pequoddistro_mn and @schottdistributing

  • Nebraska - @globalbevsd

  • North Dakota - @megabeerdistribution

  • Ohio - @SixthCityDistribution

  • South Carolina - @imbibeadvintage

  • South Dakota - Global Beverage

  • Virginia/DC - @alliedcraftdistro

  • Wisconsin - @pequoddistribution and La Crosse Beverage

Cheers to spring break adventures and unforgettable memories! 🌴🍹✨


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