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Humble Bumble Named The #2 Hard Seltzer

Humble Bumble #2 Highest Rated Hard Seltzer in Minnesota

Humble Forager is buzzing with excitement to share some fantastic news: Humble Bumble (v7): Mango Mandarin has been named the second highest rated hard seltzer in Minnesota by Untappd, while Humble Bumble (v1) Citrus claimed the third spot. Adding to the celebration, our Enchanted Island (v2) Jamaican Punch snagged a bronze medal as the third highest rated sour in the state. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and commitment to quality that defines our journey at Humble Forager.

Crafted with a delightful blend of mandarin, mango, calamansi, chamomile, and local Minnesota wildflower honey from Gardner Bees, Humble Bumble (v7) Mango Mandarin has quickly become a favorite among seltzer and beer enthusiasts alike. The recognition by Untappd fills us with immense pride and gratitude.

Humble Bumble #3 Highest Rated Hard Seltzer in Minnesota

Austin Jevne, owner of Humble Forager, emphasizes, "What sets Humble Bumble apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. Each batch is crafted with all-natural ingredients, nothing artificial, showcasing the love and care put into every can. With these two varieties of Humble Bumble, we've aimed to capture the essence of spring and summer in a refreshing, buzzed seltzer that's perfect year-round."

This recognition of both Humble Bumble (v7) Mango Mandarin and Humble Bumble (v1) Citrus, along with our Enchanted Island (v2) Jamaican Punch, is a trifecta of validation for our team at Humble Forager. It underscores our dedication to creating beverages that not only bring people together but elevate every occasion.

Enchanted Island #3 Highest Rated Sour in Minnesota

"That's the real magic with our brews—they bring people together," Austin passionately explains. "Whether it's a backyard party, a bonfire under the stars, or a day spent exploring local trails, they're the perfect companion for creating unforgettable moments with friends and family. They’re meant to be a drink that sparks laughter, ignites conversation, and adds a little extra buzz to every occasion."

As we celebrate this milestone, the Humble Forager team extends heartfelt thanks to all who have embraced Humble Bumble with open arms (and eager taste buds). We look forward to continuing to be a part of the community's adventures this spring, summer, and beyond.

Additionally, Forager Brewery, the birthplace and test kitchen of Humble Forager, was awarded over 37 top honors in the state, including the #1 Barleywines, Farmhouse Saison, and many more! Notably, it swept the National rankings for Porter - Imperial / Double category and clinched both Gold and Bronze in the National rankings for Old Ale and American Stout! All parties are very honored and excited for the future!

Cheers to good buzzes and great times ahead!


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