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Austin Jevne Voted 'Best New Brewer'

Every year, RateBeer examines thousands of beer ratings online and 2020 was no exception. Throughout the year, they examined more than 715,000 beers from over 35,000 brewers from around the world and have just awarded Humble Forager Brewery with the ‘Best New Brewer’ in Wisconsin.

This award is given to less than ⅕ of 1% of qualifying brewers so to say that it was an honor for our very own Austin Jevne, owner of Humble Forager Brewery, would be an understatement.

“Receiving this award in my home state of Wisconsin and to be categorized with breweries that I have looked up to my entire career, is a humbling experience.” expressed Austin. “This award extends much further than Humble Forager; our success would not be possible without our brewing partners at Octopi Brewing Company and Fair State Brewing Cooperative, along with our global farming partners who provide us with the freshest, highest quality, single-source ingredients.”

To date, Humble Forager has produced 30 different varieties of craft beer, making a small impact in the incredible craft distribution beer market, with hopes of continued growth in the future. Humble Forager beer is currently being distributed across the country to the following states; California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. Additionally, the beer is exported to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, The United Kingdom, and Australia. Humble Forager also works with Tavour, a national beer company that ships the highest-rated beers directly to your doorstep from all over the world.

Austin continues to be humbled by all of the love and support throughout this pandemic and looks forward to drinking adventurously with everyone someday soon.

Think Globally. Forage Locally. Live Humbly. Drink Adventurously.


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